My Life is a Dark House

So, I was just listening to a lot of “Button Poems” (check out the Facebook page and watch a couple videos). I thought I could try to make my own. Here goes. My life is a dark house. Let me invite you in, friend of mine. Here are the rooms that are lit inside. The […]

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A little update/thoughts

EDIT: Apparently, this didn’t post last week. Was written last Tuesday (September 26). So, a lot has happened since I posted last. Let me give you a small update in terms of me and my Aspergers. I asked my parents for my diagnosis. They said that I was tested three different times and each time […]

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I’m Taking A Giant Step Tomorrow

Forget this whole “wait for my family to accept me being different before I mention Aspergers” crap. That’s never going to happen. I’ve been different my entire life. If my family hasn’t accepted that I’m different after 19 years without an explanation then they never will. Tomorrow, I’m going to ask my mom about my […]

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Lucid Dreaming

I don’t know. It’s somethingI’ve always wanted to try. I’ll try it tonight. If you want to know exactly what I’m doing, go to the LucidDreaming subreddit. Then on the sidebar, click the link that says “SSILD: Sense Induced Lucid Dreaming”. That’ll give you an idea. This is my first try, so I don’t have […]

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