I *need* to live on campus.

Like, it’s extremely important. I was thinking about my stay with my friend at the college that I’m going to transfer to next year. I was thinking about the D&D game that we were playing and the only thought I could have for about 1 or 2 minutes was “You can’t have that forever.” Moreso in the fashion of “You’re not fully at the University so you won’t be fully integrated into their group” kind of thing.

I may have mentioned it on this blog, but I’ll do it again for the sake of context. I’m in a sort of agreement program with my current junior college and the college I’m transferring to in Fall 2018. It allows me to be in clubs and use their library and tutoring services. I was hanging out with a friend who goes there yesterday.

My parents are constantly pushing to have me live at home. I was reading articles about those on the spectrum going away to live at college. One said, speaking from the parents’ point of view, “Our son was ready to declare his independence, more than we had thought.” I’m willing to declare my independence. Sure, I won’t be completely independent. I understand my parents are still helping me pay for college. And other stuff as well. But I wouldn’t lose sleep over the fact that I wouldn’t be living in the same household as them.

I feel like if I live off-campus, I will always be disconnected from any sort of friend group I get myself into at this college. I don’t want that to happen.


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