I’m Taking A Giant Step Tomorrow

Forget this whole “wait for my family to accept me being different before I mention Aspergers” crap. That’s never going to happen. I’ve been different my entire life. If my family hasn’t accepted that I’m different after 19 years without an explanation then they never will. Tomorrow, I’m going to ask my mom about my […]

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Lucid Dreaming

I don’t know. It’s somethingI’ve always wanted to try. I’ll try it tonight. If you want to know exactly what I’m doing, go to the LucidDreaming subreddit. Then on the sidebar, click the link that says “SSILD: Sense Induced Lucid Dreaming”. That’ll give you an idea. This is my first try, so I don’t have […]

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My First Panic Attack

So, after roughly 15 years of documented (supposedly) Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, I had my first actual panic attack that I can genuinely remember. Classes started yesterday for me at college (I believe I said this in another post). So, I have one Tuesday/Thursday class in circuitry. It started at 10:00. Since I know […]

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This Post Needs A Title

Can’t really think of a title for this post. Might add it after I’m finished. So I start college classes tomorrow. That seems fun. I start with Physics. Hooray. All of my classes layered on top of the fact that I know I have Aspergers. Yay. </sarcasm> Anyways, I’m just worried that I’ll see my […]

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It’s been a while…

Hello. It’s been a while since my last post. A week, in fact. This blog isn’t working. At least, not for the purpose I had hoped. I had hoped that it would be a place for me to vent my feelings and maybe someone would comment on them and maybe someone wouldn’t. I was seeking […]

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